This is the Global Trade Station of pokemon diamond/pearl.
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 Standard introduction

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PostSubject: Standard introduction   Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:49 pm

I'm glad that this has been set up so I can get those damned special event and otherwise hard to obtain pokemon.
I've got Fire-red and Emerald. Don't play fire-red, today is an exception because I just remembered where I can get Porygon and Togepi. My gen 5 game is Pearl, I also have Battle Revolution and fast-forwarded my Wii's time(tonnes of dusk balls and quick balls on low level pokemon to get the numbers) to get the Mew from that silly Ranch. Emerald is usefull, as everyone knows.

My first game was Silver, then I destroyed my old GB colour with juice. Years later purchased an SP and saphire which I played for about a week before returning it to the store and getting an xbox. Fast-forward years later I see a perfectly fine SP for sale second hand at a trade-store, purchased that as well as new Emerald and Fire-red and I was back in the world of the pokemons.
But none of my firends had it, so I got bored and put it away for about a year.
Last year, all grown up and working, I decided to get a DS. got pearl, played and finished. Got bored and put it away for a few months. About a month ago, just as I was fired from my job, I got myself a wifi modem and set it all up. Wifi makes pokemon feel more like a MMORPG, Battle-revolution serves as a great place to test new teams.
I've had a month of unemployement to EV train and breed like a mad-man, hatched myself a shiney Larvitar (lonely nature unfortunatley) and bred/ev trained a few teams I'm still tweaking and battling-battle-tower to get items for.

Hope I can spark some new posts that aren't entirely requests in this section. Seems like we should be introducing ourselves.
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Standard introduction
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